Corona poll englisch

Dear Veddelers,

the corona virus has changed our everyday lives very much. Some have a lot of time, others have a lot more work than usual. And everyone is worried. At the same time there is a lot of helpfulness and solidarity. Under the motto Veddel Solidarity against Corona we have started the Veddel-Hotline (01520-2563582, Mon – Fri 10am – 12pm) and help neighbours to network. We are a group of Veddelers who live here or work in the Poliklinik Veddel or New Hamburg. We think that we, as a neighbourhood, can only get through this crisis together.
Therefore, with this survey we want to know what is difficult for you, so that we can find solutions together. And just as important: what is going well in this difficult time?

The poll runs until June 14, 2020. Everything you write here will be treated anonymously and confidentially.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Here we go!

If necessary you can tick more than one box.

How do you live?
Do any children live at yours?
Do you or people from my household belong to a risk group?
Do you fill out the questionnaire just for yourself or with your household / family / flatmates?

Everyone is welcome to fill out a survey themselves.
You can find also printed ones in your hallway.

Are you...
Do you know "Veddel Solidarisch"?
How do you know about "Veddel Solidarisch"?

How are things going at home?

I / we have enought space:
I / we have internet access:
My flat has...
Do you feel comortable and safe at home?
Do you feel lonely?

An how are you actually doing personally?

Do you have someone to talk to?
Are you more stressed than usual?

What are your current concerns?

What helps you in this situation?

How are you doing in everyday life?

Do you or someone close to you need support in everyday life? (e.g. groceries, carework, childcare)
How are you currently organizing this?
If you have children: Who takes care of the children at home now that the Kita and school have closed?
Is that working well?
Is there enough support from the Kita or school?
Do you wish you had access to emergency childcare?
Do you need motivation, information, support with your children on a daily basis?
Do you have to use public transport (bus, S-Bahn or U-Bahn) to commute?
What does Corona mean for you financially? Do you have money worries because of the Corona crisis?
Are you having trouble paying the rent now?
Did you have money worries before?
Are you...
Are you...
If you are employed, are you no in short-time work (Kurzarbeit)?
If you are self-employed or on a freelance-basis, can you continue working?
Have you applied for emergencey-aid (Soforthilfe)?
Do you have the possibility to work from home?

What's next?

What do we want to do together? Would you like to ex- change, network or organise better (e.g. via Whatsapp / Telegram)?
If yes, how?
Which topics are you especially interested in?
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